According to Internet World Stats, about 743,6 millions of Europeans used the Internet in 2021. This is the equivalent of at 88.4% of the population of the continent. This is a large percentage compared with the global data, where only the eur 66,2% of the total population is online.

Five Tips For Better WiFi – Most people are browsing on the Internet mainly via WiFi when you are at home. But what is the quality of your home network? The truth is that it’s not always ideal. If you want to stream the best new movies, download fast the latest update of the game that you play, or just quickly read the news online, you need a stable and fast WiFi. In the framework of the World Day for WiFi, on 20 June, the devolo helps to bring WiFi to your form with these five easy tips.

It is easy for Internet users to observe if the coverage of the WiFi is good or bad. However, to take a brief look at the status of the connection is a valuable first step. Useful analysis tools are available to help your efforts. Experts often recommend the Ookla Speedtest. With the support of this application, you can easily check the speeds of WiFi with your Smartphone or your Tablet in any room of the house to find the “black holes in the WiFi”.

Tip #2: the ideal position of The router

The WiFi is very slow, or the connection stops completely, and to an increasing degree? This is usually due to problems of range, as well as a lot of households have a router somewhere in a corner, behind a flower pot or – even worse – and even to some remote point. A central and a slightly elevated position is ideal for a router, for example, on a buffet or in a locker, approximately in the middle of the apartment. The WiFi router should not be blocked by other objects in front of or next to him. The router probably has external antennas that can be placed in different angles. Just try different positions in antennas up to improve the signal reception. Prefer to place the antennas in the direction you need the best WiFi signal.

Tip #3: it’s an old router;

If you need to replace your old router, the new model will certainly need to support WiFi 5 (WiFi ac) or even WiFi 6. And the two models is much faster than WiFi 4 (WiFi n). In addition, a section of WiFi 4, the 2.4 GHz band, it is extremely overloaded in many large urban areas. Your WiFi raises again the speed by changing the 5 GHz band of the standard WiFi 5 or WiFi 6.

Tip #4: Choose WiFi repeaters for smaller spaces

In an apartment or a house, there may be long distances, walls or even ceilings between the router and the end-devices that use WiFi. These are obstacles that act as a brake on the transmission and the speed of the WiFiμε a result, it becomes more and more slow, and in the worst case, be discontinued. For this reason,  a WiFi repeater is ideal to cover small distances and spaces, as, for example, to relay a room  in a next. In large areas, however, a repeater is not sufficient, because the repeater based only on WiFi for the transmission of the data. For cases of large spaces and distances, there is another much more effective solution. 

Tip #5: For larger distances, Internet from the wall outlet

The Powerline adapters are the perfect solution for the perfect WiFi because they use  the existing electrical wiring of the house like a big network cable and transfer the data. The advantage: the walls, the ceilings, even the underfloor heating systems are no longer an obstacle. The Powerline adapters to create quickly a connection to the Internet and the carrying through of the power to any electrical outlet in the house. The installation it is extremely easy: plug it in, wait a few minutes and start surfing. The available models combine the best technology for mesh WiFi with the fastest Powerline technology. The award-winning devolo Magic 2 WiFi 6 offers very fast speeds Powerline up to 2400 Mbps and incorporates features Mesh WiFi for even faster wireless network throughout the house. Thanks to these tips, the way is open for you to enjoy the World Day of WiFi and the home WiFi.


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