Nokia G11 and Nokia G21 Battery Life Is Incredible

The HMD Global, the representative company of Nokia mobile phones, announces the start of sales of the new smartphones in the G-series, Nokia G11 and Nokia G21.

The legendary Nokia phones are known for the durability of the battery and these Nokia smartphones are no exception. They have impressive battery life of up to three days, the new function of “Super Battery Save” and the top updates operation in their class.

The Florian Seiche, CEO of HMD Global, said: “we Continue to expand the limits in the middle category of smartphones, providing economic, safe and competitive technology for everyone. I’m proud of the announcement of the two are important for the company’s mobile G series, the Nokia G11 and Nokia G21. The two devices are the epitome of strength and durability in the battery, which Nokia was famous and loved so many years ago. The above data in combination with the best Android software and more updates security in connection with devices from other companies in the same category, make a reality of our vision for 2022 and the future – as we continue to build mobile last much longer”.

Unbeatable protection for mobile technology that last in time

With twice as many updates of security in connection with devices from other companies, in order to remain protected your important data – the Nokia G11 and G21 offer protection without having to worry about anything.

The function “Μαςκ”, which didn’t exist until now in economically mobile, and it’s for the first time available in the range of G guarantees that the unlocking of mobile with your face you won’t face any problem, even with the masks that we wear,  while keeping all your data safe.

In addition, the devices are ready to receive the Android 12, so you always have access to the most recent functions and to keep the smartphone for a longer period of time.

With the support of the leading partners in the industry for the best experience in the category, the Nokia G11 and G21 are already installed Spotify and ExpressVPN. To Spotify provides access to 70 million songs and 3.2 million podcasts to all Nokia users. For additional security of your data without concern, the ExpressVPN is now available in all new Nokia smartphones, with a free 30-day trial.

Long battery life for staying connected throughout the day

The impressive battery life that lasts up to three days, is the ideal solution for all those who want to spend their day without worrying about charging their mobile phone. Whether you want to capture moments with your family, or to watch at any time of your favorite shows, with the Nokia G11 and G21, you can stay in your cell phone throughout the day.

With the activation of a new function “Super Battery Save”, that extends even further the life of your battery, you can choose which apps you will make the battery saving, so the functions that you need to remain active. The Nokia G11 and G21 allow you to enable this mode whenever you want.

Quick response for increased productivity

Unlocking the power of 90 Hz for the first time in series G, the improved refresh rate of the display makes scrolling and typing even easier, while the photos appear much more impressive.

Amazing photography with the Nokia G21

The flexible camera with triple lens is ideal for you to have results level professional photographer, with fantastic details even in low light. The front camera, the smart AI ensures that the evening of your selfies will have just the right amount of light and definition. Also, with the function AI Super Resolution, improve the quality of zoom shots for impressive results.

New designs, the well-known Finnish resistance

Observing the brand-new designs, mobile Nokia G11 and Nokia G21 it’s thinner and more ergonomic.  Made from durable polycarbonate material, these plans are a sign of strength and of Nordic perfection that we all expect from the Nokia phones, while at the same time give an air of renewal in the range of G.

The transparent case is available for both mobile, highlighting the elegance. Made from recycled materials, can be recycled again after use.

Phone Prices and Availability

Nokia G11 is available  in different colors which are Charcoal, 4/64GB €179,90 #80,000  and the Nokia G21 in color, Nordic Blue, 4/64GB, in €199,90 #89,000.


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