In the midst of the controversy surrounding the Stage Manager and the hardware requirements, an investigation revealed that the iPadOS 16, in fact, includes an inner function that allows Apple to test the function of multitasking in iPad that don’t have a chip M1.

The code that was found by 9to5Mac in the beta software refers to an internal setting that allows the “Chamois” (the code name for the Stage Manager for “Legacy Devices”, or in other words, the iPad models that do not have the processor M1.

The existence of the internal workings to the comments made by the head of software engineering for Apple, Craig Federighi in a recent interview in Forbes, in which he said that internal testing had revealed that the iPad except M1 could not offer the experience Stage Manager who was aiming for the Apple.



As was stated:

“We started some of the original us relating to these systems and it appeared early on that we could not offer the experience that we had planned with them,” he said. “Sure, we would like to bring any new experience on every device we can, but we also do not want to retain the definition of a new experience and to create a better basis for the future in this experience. And really, this was solely building on the M1.”

The existence of the internal mode for the test of the Stage Manager in older iPad does not warrant that the functionality works on these devices, as planned by the Apple, but is likely to add fuel to the debate about whether the Apple is 100% honest about the exclusivity of this attribute for the chip M1.


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