HUAWEI Watch GT 3 Pro – The smartwatches are no longer the focus of attention of gadgets. When it comes to wearables, in addition to headphones, we are talking about smart watches and bands, which are cumulatively offer the cutting edge of technology that is wrapped around the hand. Functions of fitness, more and more and more complex applications that “migrate” from smartphones, constitute a device, which must support and style.

The trend observed over the last few years is that users go away slowly by the logic of smartbands and demand something extra, which offers a smartwatch.

The HUAWEI Watch GT 3 Pro is the most luxurious watch company

HUAWEI, a pioneer in the category of smartwatches and # 1 in premium wearables in our country, presented in the market the newest smartwatch, which is at the same time and the most premium. The jewel this is the HUAWEI Watch GT 3 Pro.

This model has been released in two versions: the Titanium in the 46mm and the Ceramic in the 43mm. Beyond the material of construction and size, the two smartwatches differ slightly and the battery, but the differences end there. Both models can be found with a bracelet and a leather strap, and there is a version for strap fluoro-elastomer material for the model of 46mm.

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In our hands we have the Titanium version with the bracelet titanium, which, apart from the necessary improvements compared to previous models in the series, brings an unprecedented level of luxury, which is clearly not the we are used to seeing in smartwatches and usually expect from a very expensive mechanical watches.

For starters, the titanium, which uses the Watch GT 3 Pro features a matt coating that gives it even more luxurious image, with a darker tint than previous models of the company. At the same time, we are at the bottom ceramic surface and screen protection from sapphire, which means that just can’t be scratched by daily use.

The bracelet also features special design and does not pull the hair, while you can remove or shorten too easily, via a notch. On the right has two buttons, one of which can twist, as we have seen in the Watch 3.

The display is AMOLED on 1,43” and is the sharper of the market with analysis 466×466. The brightness is excellent, as you will be able to see everything, even in direct sunlight, while in terms of watchfaces, we have a huge range of options, with many of the new ones to add to the premium style of the clock. Of course, again, you can use your pictures or a small video, but also to customize the already existing facades. Changing a strap (22mm for large and 20mm for the smaller model) and a watchface, you can go to a completely different look.

The HUAWEI Watch GT 3 Pro is the most luxurious watch company

Moving on to the features, the more you add the Watch GT 3 Pro is the possibility of an electrocardiogram, through 8 special photoelectric sensor in the formation of a ring, which is used for greater accuracy, as well as the system TruSeen 5.0+, together with artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, the operation of the electrocardiogram has not yet been available in Greece, as we need to get some certifications, which, however, have gotten their way and expected to be available in October.

In addition, we have improved certification for dust and water, IP68 and 5ΑΤΜ, which means that in addition to the new “Free Dive” mode for diving, you can go down even on 30 meters.

We have also improved GPS system, dual-band five-system, which delivers clearly with greater accuracy, and over 100 different activities ranging from triathlon, marathon and snowboarding, up swimming and climbing. The automatic detection also works very properly. There are lots of stats and features a reminder to follow a specific plan, and other useful functions, such as Dynamic Tracking that shows you in a video of the route on the map, but the Route Back, which allows you to see your route at the clock, even when there is no GPS signal.

Of course, it is available again, oxygen measurement, recording sleep, measurement of stress and temperature measurement of skin through the sensors, but the application itself, the Huawei Health, which you can use to connect with your mobile, gives you many options, such as the count of the water you drink, or reminder for correct breathing.

The operating of the device is the HarmonyOS, which allows the installation of apps from third parties via the Watch AppGallery, with a relatively small yet diverse. The speaker and the microphone can be used for calls (this time, and the model of 42mm) and it’s worth to mention something that many wonder: the watch can be used by both owners of Android and iOS.

As for the autonomy, the HUAWEI is leading the market for many years, when we have autonomy 2 weeks for the model of 46mm. With a charging time of one hour, we have a day of use, while it charges fully in about 1 hour. In heavy use, the watch reaches even the 8 days.

Overall, it’s clear that HUAWEI wanted to move up a division and released to the most luxurious clock of up to now. In addition to all of the available functions, improved proofing, the more accurate GPS, and all the new features (including the ability to electrocardiography, which is expected in a few months), it focuses more intensively in style and comfort. It’s with a watch stylish and powerful and is easily the best smartwatch which has built the company up to now.


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