( 2022) Solar System In Hindi - How To Name The Solar System Meaning In HindiIn Today’s Article, we are going to discuss about the Solar System In Hindi, get to know the names of the Solar System In Hindi right away even if don’t speak the Hindu Language.

Solar System In Hindi

The phrase solar system refers to the sun in relation to the nine (9) planets. The Sun’s family can generally be referred to as “The Solar System”.

As I have said The Sun Family is comprised of the Sun itself and the other nine planets of the Solar System, The Satellites (Moons) Inclusive.

Other than that meteorites, comets asteroids, etc. are also part of this solar system. They all form the same family by gravity’s force.

Solar System

Below we are going to know everything about the solar system and its family members (the nine planets) respective which we all know that the planet we live in today is among.

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Sun ☀️

The Sun is based mainly in the middle of the Solar System and all the planets revolving around it. This Sun is a gigantic ball of gas. Nuclear reactions happen within it, and continue to generate energy and makes it appear glowing up in the sky.

It is composed of multiple elements such as the carbon, hydrogen, helium nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen. As per reports and analysis, the temperature on the surface of the Sun is around 6000°c. However, in it middle, it is several times higher.

The Planets 

The planet which referred to as “Planet” in the English the language, meaning wanderer while spelled/pronounced as ग्रह or grah respectively in the Hindi, everything concerning the planets will be extracted in the right way so you’ll understand below.

What’s The Big Secret?

Due to the fact that they are constantly moving in the direction of the Sun. The planets are not able to emit any energy or light source on their own. They are visible because of reflecting sunlight.

In the beginning, there were nine planets in our solar system however in the year 2006, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) declared Yama (Plato) as an actual planet. As a result, there are eight planets in the solar system.

Names of the 8  planets in Hindi and English

Below are the common names of the planet in Hindi and English:

  1. Mecury (Budh)
  2. Venus (Shukr)
  3. Earth (Dharatee)
  4. Mars (Mangala)
  5. Jupiter (Brahspati)
  6. Saturn (Shani)
  7. Uranus (Arun) 
  8. Neptune (Varun)
  9. Pluto (Yam) Exclusive

Of these, the initial four stars (Mecury, Venus, Earth, Mars) which are close to the Sun are known as inner planets.

The rest of them which are: (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn) which are further away from the Sun are referred to as the outer planets.


Mercury is the tiniest planet in the solar system, and is closest in relation to our Sun. It takes approximately 88 days for Budh to rotate in the direction of Sun.


Venus is often referred to as the planet with the highest temperature because it is home to gases like sulfuric. It is the brightest star of the solar system. It is also known as a morning star as well as evening star. Aside from that because of its size being comparable to earth it is also referred to as the second earth.


Earth is the only planet within the solar system that has life. Seventy percent of surface of Earth is covered with water. It appears therefore blue when seen from space, for this, it’s also known by the name of the Blue Planet. The Earth has all year round to circle in orbit around the Sun.


Because of Red oxide being present in soils of Mars It appears red and is called”the Red Planet. In 687 days, Mars takes for Mars to travel around the Sun.


Jupiter is known as the biggest planet in the solar system.


The rings are located around this planet, and it’s sometimes referred to as the planet that has rings.


This planet is distant from Sun So the temperature of Uranus is extremely cold.


Neptune It is the name of the planet. Varuna is known as the eight planet in the solar system. It is the planet that is farthest in relation to the Sun.

In addition to the 8 planets in this solar ssyste, there are other additional members, and they are as follows :

1. Satellites – Typically, they are identified by the term satellites, which orbit about the earth. Satellites are further separated into two groups: baseand the upper

Natural satellites are being observed over the earth for millions of years. there isn’t any involvement of humans in their development or even their beginning They are the creation of nature.

Artificial satellites – Satellites designed by humans and put to space are referred to as synthetic satellites. For instance, EduSat, which is an educational satellite, was launched to space to develop the area of education.

2. Comets like satellites and planets comets are also component of our solar system. These are celestial bodies that can be seen shining in the night sky. They are composed of ice particles dust, gas and gas.

3. Meteorites – Meteorites are tiny fragments of rock that enter the atmosphere of Earth from space. These pieces of rock are in contact with the atmosphere, which causes them to light up like a light streak.

4. Asteroids – These are massive chunks of rock or celestial bodies found in the solar system (and continue to circle the Sun. They can be found in the area that lies between Mars as well as Jupiter.


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