At record levels it has reached the price of gasoline and heating oil, making it burdensome for the family budget every move. In accordance with the Price Observatory of the ministry of Development and Investment, on 13 June, the nationwide average price of gasoline 95 octane was 2,408 euros per liter. The price of diesel had broken the barrier of 2 euro and was in the 2,035 euros per liter.

The voices of consumers, from the petrol station owners, and the business is no longer βροντερές. Consumers complain because we don’t have enough money to cater for their transport needs.

The  sounding the alarm for reduced consumption, and the suffocation experienced by themselves, since they sell at a lower price and then buy higher to supply the gas stations are used to them.

With regard to entrepreneurs, who see the frantic rally, you seem to have your hands up and forced to do it constantly increases in the wholesale and retail price of the products and services, for the sustainability of their businesses.

“Placebo” the Fuel Pass

Last Friday put rolls of the application through which the beneficiaries could receive the subsidy of fuel for the quarter April – June.

The first round of the fuel pass showed that several people came in to take, but most of them turned their back to the digital gas card and the bonus of 5 euros and they chose the payment of the subsidy in the bank account to cover it is likely that other needs.


In fact, since the early days of a communication and implementation of the programme was fierce criticism for such a small amount, which is marked “placebo” for the truly sick. This is because, as noted, was made for the shade that the state has not helped and it’s not a special offer of measure in tremendous increases in fuel.

The prime minister  during the interview to ERT argued that there will be interference and gasoline “and the announcements will be made next week by the financial staff. I don’t want to anticipate the way in which we will intervene”.

In response to a question, he stressed that “the way in which we intervene until today gives you an outline of how we might intervene from now on, maybe with a more enhanced way. We want to have an intervention for the next few months”.

The prime minister was, finally, the belief that we can budget and will have to be a relief to the citizens, especially in view of the summer holidays. “For there to be a breath to the movements of the summer vacation for the cost of fuel,” said the prime minister and stated that the intervention will address in the coming months.

The scenarios for the next period

So, the next week are expected new measures to support households and businesses. The big bet is the containment of the price, however, as they say people in the market, if there is no real willingness from the government headquarters, the “goal” of precision, of fraud and profiteering will enter the locker room.

According to sources close to the government headquarters, discussed the extension and expansion of the fuel pass for at least another couple of months. Expected to open even more a fan of the beneficiaries and may increase slightly the amount of the subsidy.

The table is set, and the application of model diesel to petrol. So there may be a direct subsidy to the refineries so as to fall near the limit of 2 euros per liter. However, this does not seem very likely, since it enters as a barrier to the financial cost.

Finally, the extension of the subsidy on diesel fuel is projected to be maintained, and after June and will increase the amount of state subsidy to the pump, due to the rally rise in the price of the.


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