When you go to share a photo, a link, or anything else on your iPhone, you will notice that the iPhone will have a list of suggested contacts to share things.

Often these proposals are sharing is useful and people actually communicate regularly, but sometimes someone comes along that you just don’t want to see, to share things with him or to remind. Maybe it’s your boss, an ex-boyfriend, a nasty person, a colleague, or someone else that you just don’t want to appear in the proposed sharing menu to your iPhone, so let’s fix that.

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  • Go to the Photos app and tap on any image, and then press the share button as usual
  • Locate the contact/the person you want to remove from the suggested list sharing
  • Press and hold the name and the icon of the contact / people, and then, select “Suggest less” with the icon with the thumbs down
  • Repeat with additional contacts / people that you want to remove from the list of suggestions sharing

If you start sharing repeatedly things with this person again, the name will again begin to appear in the list of Proposals for common use. However, can you repeat that trick again “Suggest less” to remove it again, at least until you start to share things over and over again.


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