This year, the Polaroid praise you with even more ways creativity on the go launching the camera pocket-two new bold colors, Black and Red, and with new additions with a focus on the creator: a set of filters for pictures with blue, red, or orange tint, and instant film with a matte black frame for a striking artistic effect.

“The Polaroid Go has the portability and the spirit of exploration in her DNA. We saw extremely overwhelming response to this new camera , and so we wanted to provide even more ways for our customers to dive deep into their creativity, by making it too easy for them to go anywhere and to make the pictures of them at any time, the inspiration hit them on the door,” said Oskar Smolokowski, Ceo of Polaroid.

With dimensions of only 10.5 cm in length, 8,4 cm in width and 6.1 cm in height, the Polaroid Go is the smallest analog camera instant print in the world. Designed as a creative accessories that you can wear, the Polaroid Go inspire the creators to go out and explore all the hidden, full of flaws and unexpected places in the world.

To celebrate the release of the Polaroid Go Black and Red, the company is launching a new campaign with a focus on creativity and exploration. As an evolution of last year’s campaign, Go Create, the approach of the 2022 unites artists from different artistic disciplines and cultures. The Ibby Njoya, artist, and set designer, and Miranda Makaroff, fashion designer, DJ, blogger, and actress, traveled to Tenerife, in Spain, to present us with their creative vision in the survivor island.

“For me, the Polaroid was always a documentation tool and experimentation. As an artist, it gives me the opportunity to develop my skills as a designer. The opportunity to experiment with the portability of Polaroid Go during the shooting in the Canary Islands was enjoyable, I love how easy it is to take with you everywhere,” said Njoya.

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The new colors came to fill the original white camera Polaroid-Go, providing more options for self-expression, where you lead the next adventure. The Polaroid Go enriches the creative features such as the mirror selfie, the self-timer, the long-lasting battery, the bright flash, the operation of double exposure and accessories for travel, by inserting the first lens filters of the machine and the smallest instant film print with black frame.

“I love the new features that brings the Polaroid Go. It’s so easy to capture inspiration whenever I travel, which is very important to my creative development as an artist, ‘ says the Makaroff.

The Polaroid Go Black and the Polaroid Go Red will be available from April 19 exclusively to the

The Polaroid Go Black will be available in stores around the world on the 1st of May and the Polaroid Go Red will be available in stores around the world on the 1st of September.



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