It is not surprising that the average iPhone user is not using many of the best features of. Modern smartphones have evolved into extremely powerful and complex devices, and if you don’t pay attention, I just don’t know what they can do.

Mute unknown callers

Calls are spam are totally out of control. For example, we take at least three or four a day, and they always look like they come from a legitimate phone number.

IPhone can help you. Just go to Settings> Phone > Silence unknown callers > turn the switch to the position, Yes.

When you turn it on, the phone calls from unknown numbers will not be blocked, but will pass silently. Either ringtone, no vibration, just straight to voicemail. You will receive a notification (also silently!) that will display the number of the call that has been put on mute.

Move freely to the text cursor

Each time you enter text, simply press and hold the spacebar until you see all the letters disappear from the keyboard.

Now hold down your finger and drag it in any direction to move the text cursor to where you want to go like to use a small touch pad. It is a very easiest way to make corrections in the text and not only.

Download the user manual of your iPhone that’s missing

Your iPhone may not have come with an instruction manual in the box, but he has one! Apple maintains an up-to-date user Guide for iPhone on the web. It has a nice search function, a well-organized table of contents, and the instructions are simple, clear and there are hyperlinks between them. If you prefer to have something that

  1. can examine at your leisure offline, βρείτετον user Guide iPhone from Apple Books. It’s free, of course.

Setting shortcut back tap

Go to Settings> Accessibility> Touch, and find the option Back in touch at the bottom.

This easy-to-use configuration allows you to set a shortcut to a specific application or function when you touch it, or touch it twice in the back of your iPhone. And yes, you can set individual shortcuts double tap and triple-touch.

Back Tap is one of the most useful features in the iPhone, and it’s a shame that it’s buried deep in the accessibility settings. A handy shortcut to any application you want.

Play sounds in the background

You find it easier to stay focused with a little bit of noise in the background? It helps you to relax or to sleep?

There are many applications for this kind of thing, but your iPhone has a few nice options built-in! Open Settings > Accessibility> Audio/Optical and search for the option Sounds background. Here you can activate, adjust the volume and choose from six different sounds. You also have other options, like the ability to stop the sound when your iPhone is locked or the play (or not) when you play other instruments.

Look everywhere, for anything

The Search function on your iPhone is much more powerful than you realize. It’s amazing how many people don’t even know it’s there, let alone how to use it fully!

Just swipe down from any home screen— i.e., tap somewhere in the middle of the screen and give it a little downward transfer. If you scan down from the edge, this will open the notifications or the control Center.

Enter anything in the search box and you will seek it everywhere. In apps on your iPhone, search suggestions site matches to your Photos, appropriate knowledge from the knowledge base of Siri, apps in the App Store, matches Apple Music, matches in your Messages and much more.

Scan documents

Your iPhone has a built-in a surprisingly good document scanner. Simply place the document you want to scan in a nice flat surface (as most well-lit, the better), and then decide if you want to create a new PDF document or attach the scanned document to a note in the Notes app.

Mission effects with your messages

Want to add a bit of impact in text messages to you? You may have noticed that some messages (like Happy Birthday) automatically adds special effects to them. You might not know that you can add these effects in any message.

This only works if you send an iMessage (blue bubble), not SMS (green bubbles). Enter your message, and then press and hold the send button. At the top, switch between effects bubble and screen effects.

Put a call on hold

When you are on a call on your iPhone, just press and hold the mute button for a few seconds until it changes to a featuresm




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