Today’s blog post will share the recommended literature text books for junior WAEC/ exam. If you are one of the 2021 candidates for the CE exam, the listed literature textbooks will be what you need to know before you begin the exam.

It is true that Literature is the most difficult and yet most failing subject in external exams. It is recommended that you carefully read these books before taking the exam.

Do not wait for your literature teacher’s teachings to get you all the way. Get out your text books and start studying them at home.

Recommend Literature Text for Junior Secondary School

Serious students study harder than teachers to get the best results in their exams. It’s not about magic to pass your exams. It’s all hard work. You can also join our WhatsApp study group chat.

If you are reading this article and are a teacher, please inform your students about the text books. Make sure your students read it all before the exam. If you don’t have enough time, give them an assignment. Below is a list of literature books suitable for Junior WAEC 2021 academic sections

NECO BeCE literature Books List 2022

Before I share this literature text, let me whisper to you. You must be careful if you depend on expo or exam runs.

Write your literature book and study it. Don’t pay someone to assist you when you can do it yourself. For a free tutorial on how you can pass your papers, join our WhatsApp group chat.

A List of Recommended Literature Text Books for Junior WAEC 2022/2023


  1. Drama – Subu written and directed by Lasunkanmi
  2. Drama – Olu O written and edited by D. O. Adisa
  3. Prose – Atitebi written Diipo Goenro
  4. Prose – Sisi Oloja writing from Olajumoke Bamiteko
  5. Poetry – Ijinle Arofo by Yoruba Mesedogun Kola Ajiboye.

LIST of Books for Junior Secondary Schools In Nigeria JSS1 – JSS3


  1. The Saint By Tade Adegbindun
  2. Vengeance for the Spirit by Maxwell O. Onyeka
  3. The Rejected Child Tina Bogwu
  4. The Costly Mistake By Chinelo Ifezulike Ohgadimma
  5. The Diary of Housemaid By Chigbo Ugwuoke
  6. Save the African Womb Nicole Chinelo
  7. NECO Higher Grades Christianah Uyanne

PDF Download – List of Textbooks for the BECE Exam ( Junior WAEC)

You can also download the pdf version here if you wish to keep it offline. Please click the button below to download.

Download the file and use an extractor to extract it.

This is it. You can now see the list of literature books for junior WAEC/bece. If you have any questions, please use the comment section below.


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