Vivo X80 Pro Review: The situation is changing on your mobile for our country with more and more players entering the game. The vivo, setting a particularly tempting shape with mid-range devices, managed already to make a good impression with smartphones for all tastes. But now it is time for something bigger…

Just arrived in the market, the flagship of vivo. As is customary, the flagship products “talk” more about the brand itself, offering the best of what it has to demonstrate the company. The vivo X80 Pro brings you just the best features that it has to offer, vivo, but foisted with ease among the best smartphones in the market at a more competitive price!

The X series of vivo always addressed to the demanding public, with the most modern technologies, by touching a piece of innovation. The X80 Pro is the first flagship of the company, who comes to Greece, and manages to fill a gap, that they would not dare even to touch other manufacturers.

The Almighty Vivo X80 Pro Review In Full


For a start, it is worth to mention that the new cell phone vivo comes in a luxurious package, which makes sure the image of the device. At the time, the competitors take care to “dry up” the contents more and more, the vivo puts in the box quality wired USB-C headphones, tips silicone for these, the charger 80W (!) and a very useful hard case in black color with embossed texture that looks like skin. Impression makes the case because it snaps in such a way that it looks like it was anyway a part of the mobile.

All is well crafted, neatly, super-premium and utilitarian. The first image of the pack gives you a very good and a representative taste of X80 Pro in its entirety.


From the first moment you catch someone X80 Pro in the hands of understands that holds a premium device. The perfect camera island with the logo of the Zeiss gives not only the cell, but the image of the vivo by multiple views.

The back is glass with a finish embossed, something really original, creates a great feel to the touch. It is rugged and at the same time gentle, it’s matt, and at the same time it looks a bit like polishing. It’s black, but you have not seen it again exactly the same color.

The style of the back, comes to fill the glass about 1/3 of the upper part, which encloses the cameras, the flash and other sensors. It appears a large circle on the inside of the it has 3 cameras and a sensor, while just below it we find the περισκοπική camera.

The front is characterized by curved screen, which stretches from edge to edge and has a small hole at the top front for the selfie camera. It is relatively thick, in a 9.1 mm. and relatively heavy to 219 g., but it is very pleasant in the hand, with a completely premium feel.

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The appearance of the X80 Pro wins “the locker room”, as it has the finesse that we were sure that you will find in this app the company, but also a ‘luxury air’, which stems from the multiple and thought out details.


The viewing experience that offers the vivo X80 Pro can’t be described with words. We have AMOLED on 6,78 inches with curved edges and aspect ratio of 20:9. The analysis is QuadHD+, i.e. reaches 3200×1440 pixels and a density of 517 ppi! By definition we are one of the leading (if not the top) that we have seen in a cell phone up to now and we don’t stop there.

Supported the technology LTPO 3.0 and reaches 120 Hz. The refresh rate is ranging from 1 Hz to 120 Hz, a feature that have only a few even smartphones in the market.

Gives you the ability to change the resolution and refresh rate, providing “smart” options at the same time, that change automatically, depending on use. It also features several color profiles, which give you the possibility to enhance the colors you want or let the automatic color management with ICC Color Profiles to bring the image that you have…

Right there out in front of the vivo, offering perhaps the best picture that we have seen until now, with a terrible set colors, καλιμπραρισμένα as you would expect from a properly configured hi-end tv. It covers perfectly and the color range of DCI-P3, and sRGB. With brightness up to 1500 nits and support for HDR10+ and Dolby Vision, there is nothing else to ask.

Moreover, it has a huge fingerprint sensor ultrasonic, which allows the use to a much larger surface area than what we’re used to, with the most immediate and easy identification.


Arriving in probably the most interesting area of mobile, cameras, is clearly perceived -even by its appearance – that we are talking about photo mobile. Yes, as usual, the best camera systems incorporated always in the top model of a company, since this equipment is the one who determines the price of the device. Here we see just the vivo reaches the competition, but we have got to offer and innovation, raising the bar.

The camera of the vivo X80 Pro is a “beast”. We have a system that consists of a main sensor ISOCELL GNV to the 50MP in the basic operation taking pictures of the 12.5 MP via binning, an ultra wide Sony IMX598 in 48MP, one photographed with a telephoto 2x to 12MP (portrait), and a  camera 5x to 8MP. The selfie is 32MP.

We have been collaborating with the brand optics, Zeiss, which does not exist only as a marketing trick as a logo, but has been set by the company for the colors, along with a special mode, called “Zeiss Natural” color mode, and delivers even more natural result. At the same time, the lenses have a coating Zeiss T*, which improves the sharpness through elimination of ghosting and lens flare.

The photos show the fantastic detail with incredible dynamic range (HDR), which comes out effortlessly so under ideal lighting conditions, and evening shots. The contrast that you will find, the shades and colors give you incredible performance, which can be perceived and amazing mobile screen. The system is based on image processing via the new chip V1+, which exists solely for these tasks.

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The  camera, that exists in few other mobile of the market, reaches far superior results compared with a conventional zoom camera and of course helps with the barrel, and pictures with the largest zoom, as well as the cell reaches up to 60x.

In the video we also have spectacular results. The selling point here is, of course, the inner gimbal, which is used for stabilization. You will not find in other cell such stabilization just. The most impressive is the special “horizontal line stabilization”. If you shoot video with it and you rotate the phone, you will see your video completely immobile! Generally, we see the crystal clear image in video with very good colors and contrast. We also have here a function of the Zeiss, which creates a cinematic bokeh effect and blur the background in the video. It is understood that reach up to 8K resolution, at 30 frames or 4K at 60.

Finally, we found the menu for handling the camera much more usable than others, with the change of the zoom and the functions to be done very easily, as we are seeing and a wide variety of settings.

Performance / UI

The vivo X80 Pro features the leading Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Qualcomm and, of course, is not a matter for the performance. Everything is lightning fast and extremely αποκρίσιμα. The RAM is 12GB and can be used in addition to 4GB of storage. space as virtual RAM.

The phone runs with Android 12 and FuntouchOS 12. We have, of course, all the expected modes for gaming, extra security options, such as eg. to put two fingers for verification, but other options for shortcuts and widgets, which are not normally found. The version of the device that comes in Europe also has almost no bloatware.

We have extensive options for customization, with many interesting, as, for example, the quick actions, and the smart move, which allows for specific gestures with turned off the screen and performs accordingly different functions, such as taking a picture of, etc.


The battery of the X80 Pro is quite large, in the 4,700 mAh. The energy requirements of the powerful chipset of Qualcomm, of course, is high, but we have very good management, with the smart switch in a lot of data, so the mobile reaches approximately 2 days of average use.

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In charge we’re in a great spot, as well as the charger in the 80W miracles and charges to 100% in about 40 minutes. Only a mobile phone even on the market yet manages higher speeds. In addition, supported, and wireless charging.


The vivo X80 Pro is a “beast”. It is clearly one of the best phones that we’ve got on our hands this year, and rivals the top devices in the market, such as Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, the iPhone 13 Pro Max, Xiaomi 12 Pro and the HUAWEI P50 Pro. It excels in various places and brings innovations, but what counts more is that as a whole it offers an experience not found in any other mobile.

The camera has an excellent range of possibilities and gives many solutions for all scenarios, with a fantastic performance in the majority of these. With a few words, it reaches the top trio of slide mobile market. The screen is probably within the 2 best there is, and charging the same. In combination with the performance and options which gives you the software, we have an unbeatable package.

If you add in finally, the value of which is €999,90 and that comes on the 12/256GB, then it simply has no rival.


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