Vol III, Issue 1, Fall 2012

A Connection to Beyond by C Bernard

Cover: “A Connection to Beyond” by C. Bernard

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Web Table of Contents:

  1. “A Connection to Beyond” by Cat Rambo
  2. “Breathing Room” by Jamie Mason
  3. “Fearsome Critters and Friendly Giants” by M. Bennardo
  4. “Crossroads and Carousels” by Alan Baxter
  5. “The Extravagant and Venturesome Lives of Woman Pyrates” by Katy Gunn


Welcome to our second anniversary issue. We have been very lucky to have artist C. Bernard come back to us for her third RPP cover to celebrate with us–she’s responsible for our very first, and also our first anniversary issue, plus the portrait of our patron saint Magdala Twistleton. Story-wise, as always, a variety of pulpy delights await. Mediums (or not!), hippies on the moon, tall tales from logging camps, crossroads magic, and of course, adventures on the high seas with two woman pyrates… which is not at all what it sounds like, but then, the best things never are.


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