Vol II, Issue 3, Spring 2012

Spring 2012 - Click to enlarge

Cover: “The Black Hole”, by  S.A. van Muijden

Click here to download the eBook for free via Smashwords

Web Table of Contents:

  1. “Bone Daddy” by Britney Smith
  2. “Garlic Squash” by Nicki Vardon
  3. “The Black Hole” by Patrick J. Worden
  4. “The Castle of Ashes” by Alexandra Seidel
  5. “Sacrifice” by Natalie L. Sin
  6. “Pins and Needles, Silk and Sawdust” by Tonia Brown


Our spring issue is a little later than usual, but it’s a big one, and well worth the wait. We have modern psychological horror and historical fantasy, folk tales and vampires, genderswap/bodyswap and touching creepiness. Many, many flavors of the sensational and fantastic for your springtime reading enjoyment.

This issue also marks a new addition to our RPP staff, that of Mark Baird, web formatter extraordinaire. Thanks to Mark for all his hard work, and welcome!


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