Vol. I, Issue 4, Summer 2011

The Red Penny Papers, Summer 2011
Cover: “Flowertongue” by Laura Tolton

Table of Contents:

  1. “Flowertongue” by Jessica Reisman
  2. “Hell’s Siren” by Jocelyn Adams
  3. “Parlee Road” by Louise Bohmer
  4. “Voyage of the Van Leeuwenhoek” by John Medaille
  5. “Leigh and William Hush” by C.E. Hyun
  6. “Midnight Laundry” by Sarah Hans


This fourth issue of The Red Penny Papers marks the end of our first publishing year. Thank you so much to all the authors, artists, and readers who’ve been a part of it. It’s meant the world to our small but growing staff, and we hope it’s been fun for you, too. To close out the year, we have another eclectic and satisfying mix of pulp fiction for you. From Jessica Reisman’s Victorian stunner to Jocelyn Adams’s modern suckerpunch. Louise Bohmer’s dark contemporary fairy tale to John Medaille’s weird and wonderful sci-fi. C.E. Hyun’s look at noir tropes to Sarah Hans’s wickedly funny laundromat.

If you like what you see, let the author know–and we hope to see you back next time.