The new collaboration of the Strike with the Shopify, Blackhawk Network and NCR allows a large part of the world’s population to use Bitcoin in a much more mainstream way, away from the traditional monopoly payment systems.

The payment network Strike announced integrations with Shopify, the alternate payment processor Blackhawk Network and the provider of point-of-sale NCR paper, making it easier for merchants worldwide to accept payments in BTC.

The Bitcoin Lightning Network, will transform the payments BTC in dollars fast, relieving merchants of the complexity associated with the actual possession of Bitcoin.

The Ceo of the Strike, Jack Mallers, explained that each and every website that uses electronic card transactions Shopify can use the Lightning Network for payments in BTC. As this service will be available to anyone who has a wallet with the possibility of LN, the Shopify will be able to benefit from the untapped global markets and purchasing power, as well as save money with the payment processing, low cost.

As well as the incorporation of the Strike is extended and in retail stores, such as Walmart and mcdonald’s, could enhance the adoption of Bitcoin in unprecedented heights and even to reduce the volatility in the price of the digital currency.

Traders will be able to interact with the Bitcoin network and users will be able to make purchases private in all of the United States, taking advantage of the cheap, direct and open access offered by the Bitcoin.

The Mallers said that over 400,000 ‘windows’ will no longer accept Bitcoin via the Lightning Network, and each trader is welcome to participate and showed a video of himself using it in a grocery store in Chicago.

What was once hard to imagine is now a reality. The future looks that will bring millions of users throughout the U.S. that will accept Bitcoin in the near future. Other countries may follow suit once they see the success of the use of Bitcoin.

This may prevent a looming recession in the united states?

Forbes 30 Under 30 noted that the financial institutions were woefully inadequate to meet the needs of an increasingly digital population, and they are now paying the price for this neglect. He said that there has been no innovation in payment systems since 1949.

The release of this payment system is to revolutionize and disrupt the established traditional credit card networks such as Visa and MasterCard, bringing a new economic order. Will is an open, global, non-frozen system final payments in cash.

The Mallers said,

“Any online merchant using Shopify can accept payments without the boomer’s network of 1949, to take immediate cash, without intermediary, and without charge a 3%”.

In addition, the exemption from the banks could reduce inflation. This will save you money the Americans at a time when inflation is at the highest level of the last 40 years, and will prevent the upcoming recession.

Several examples show how the adoption of  strengthened the economy of a nation, including Argentina, which has adopted a system of payments Lightning of the Stike and saw the GDP to grow 10.3% in 2021 – the highest rise since 2004.

Another example is the El Salvador, which was recently adopted Bitcoin as legal money with the help of the Strike and saw the GDP to grow double digits for the first time.

In addition, the Mallers indicated that he worked with senator Cynthia Lummis for a friendly legislation the , therefore, the regulatory environment is likely to become more clear soon.

The Mallers said in his presentation,

“If America wants to remain a global economic leader, we must promote innovation. The announcement of the Strike is a valuable contribution to the introduction of the financial system of America in the 21st century. I’m working to get a smart legislation in the area of digital assets, so that innovations such as this can be incorporated in the financial services industry of America. In this way, we can protect the consumers and to empower individuals and small businesses by encouraging responsible innovation”.

Final thoughts

It is truly a revolutionary communication as it redefines a new payment system as we know it, it eliminates the middleman and is likely to bring the adoption of  unprecedented heights.



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