News From Pennyland

Mini-interviews and eBook-version news incoming, but there are a couple of news items from Pennyland that deserved a post. First off, apologies, but John and I are behind on the reading queue by about two weeks. John’s just moved–as in, out of the country–and I was tied up with a bunch of things. But we’re on it now, and the twitter account will be updated as we move through, as usual. So sorry for the hold up.

But in awesome news…

1. Tonia Brown has done a lovely reading of her story from last quarter’s issue: “Pins and Needles, Silk and Sawdust”. It’s such a lovely story, and her reading is great, complete with music and effects by Chris Barnes. You can see it on her blog via the link above, or head to the YouTube page to give her a like and a boost. Gorgeous.

2. Alan Baxter’s novella The Darkest Shade of Grey has been making some waves. If you haven’t added it to your GoodReads yet, it’s right here–and it’s on the listopia list for best horror novellas of 2012. If you’ve read it, maybe stop by and give Alan a vote.

3. Gef Fox over at Wagging the Fox reviewed both Darkest Shade and the Fall quarterly issue for his short fiction extravaganza last month. He was also kind enough to host a guest blog by me: The Joys of Short, Dark Fiction.

That’s all for now, but thanks for hanging out. Back soon with more.

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