Miniview – Tonia Brown

This week, we’re talking to Tonia Brown, author of the lovely/sad/creepy “Pins and Needles, Silk and Sawdust”.

1. For those who haven’t read it yet, can you describe “Pins and Needles, Silk and Sawdust” in one sentence?
A mortician with fatherhood issues has a long talk with the dead about this and that, all to the backdrop of a variety of Wizard of Oz references.

2. Okay, so I gotta ask: why The Wizard of Oz?
I love the Wizard of Oz, and I don’t mean just the film, I mean the wonderful Baum books. My husband and I are rabid Baum fans. When I began writing the story, it became apparent right away that the occasional Oz reference wanted to sneak in. I decided to run with it, and the story unfolded as is.

3. Gorgeous. Your style of steampunk and horror is tailor made for RPP. Can you tell us a little about your latest projects and where we can find them? (Bonus if you can give us a hint of what you’re working on next.)
I have an ongoing weird western webserial, Railroad!, that you can find online at:

I also just released a steampunk horror, complete with an airship and zombies, called The Cold Beneath. You can find it at Amazon.

My current project is a bit different from what I have released so far. It’s a humorous fantasy novel with a touch of gore. Thing zombie gnomes. Oh yeah, I said zombie gnomes.

Yeah, I definitely have to see that. Thanks so much, Tonia. Haven’t checked out “Pins and Needles, Silk and Sawdust”? No worries, it’s right here.

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