Miniview – Nicki Vardon

Our next mini-interview is with Nicki Vardon, author of this quarter’s attack on the vampire. Because we like those, around here. Very, very much.

1. For those who haven’t read it yet, can you describe “Garlic Squash” in one sentence?
A vampire walks into a bar, and although that may sound as the beginning to a joke, the barkeeper in question certainly doesn’t see it that way.

2. This is a really fun take on vampires–was there any inspiration in particular, or were you just going with what you liked best?
Some of the inspiration came from a Belgian comic book I read years ago. It featured an underground vampire bar, serving embezzled transfusion blood. That concept stuck in my mind and I asked myself, what if the situation was different? What if vampires and such bars are out in the open and the transfusions for consumption are legalized? I wouldn’t expect the setting to then be without problems, even with vampires being “out”. There’d still be people around that wouldn’t side with such terms of agreement, and that’s where “Garlic Squash” sprouted from.

It’s not meant as a snub to current vampire crazes, either. Originally, my angle on the story was rather depressing, but instead I went along with the characters into something that ended up being more fun.

3. And oh, it really is. Please tell us what else you’ve been up to, writing wise.
Still a greenhorn, I have two other stories published at the moment: “Forbidden Fruit” which appeared in the March 2012 issue of Niteblade (alongside a certain editor from RPP*, even!) and most recently “La Maison d’Os” at Fear & Trembling, in which a passion for osteology blooms into a jewellery store.

Fabulous, Nicki, thanks for stopping by to fill us in. Anyone in the mood for some lighthearted vampire fun (I mean, who wouldn’t be?), Nicki’s got you covered with “Garlic Squash” in this issue.

*We couldn’t have planned that if we’d tried!

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