Miniview – Patrick J. Worden

Next up, author of our cover story, Patrick J. Worden.

1. For those who haven’t read it yet, can you describe “The Black Hole” in one sentence? And don’t just say, “The competing hands of science and magick…” Ha!
Well as much as I like ‘competing hands…’ let’s try: the struggle of Victorian rationalism against the esoteric, the deadly, and the unknown.

2. Fair enough, then. This is an ambitious (in a good way) story all around, but I have to ask about one thing in particular: what compelled you to write a story in which Disraeli, Doyle, and Brunel were all featured as characters?
Pure self-indulgence. It was a chance to bring together three out-sized personalities, all of whom I’m in awe of, for the most urgent of missions. Of course I had to play around with their timelines a bit to make that happen. That’s a fiction-writer’s prerogative and I did so shamelessly.

3. Absolutely, and we’re glad you did. Okay, so what’s up next for Patrick J. Worden’s tales, and are they anything like “The Black Hole”? Where can we find them?
I just finished a short that’s not too far removed: this one has Aleister Crowley attempting to stop the Kaiser but accidentally triggering the zombie apocalypse. It’s making the rounds with a couple anthologies so hopefully it’ll find a suitable home soon. And I just self-published a novel I’m pretty happy with, although I stepped away from yesteryear and set this one in the present day. It’s a pretty dark monster story called Voracious, available at all the usual online outlets. And if that’s not enough, you can always find me blogging under the amorphous masthead that says “Cultural Deconstruction” (which only means I can blog about whatever tickles my fancy), over at Beyond that, who knows? Something wicked is bound to tap its way out of my keyboard at any moment….

Well, we certainly hope so. Thanks for humoring us with a few questions, Pat, and we hope to see you back again soon. For those of you who haven’t read “The Black Hole”, now you know what you’re getting into. Pretty sweet, right?

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