Miniview and eBook with Alan Baxter

We’re all very excited to announce that Alan Baxter’s web serial, The Darkest Shade of Grey is now available as a collected edition for purchase from both Amazon and Smashwords. For just $1.99, alllll the convenience of supernatural noir on your favorite eReader. Great way to support the mag and the author, too, if you’re into that.

To celebrate, we’ve had Alan swing by for one of our tiny interviews. Thanks, Alan!

1. I know this sounds like a ridiculous task, but could you describe The Darkest Shade of Grey in one sentence?

The story of a man weighed down by demons, who seeks redemption in the plight of a broken homeless man.

How’s that? Man, tough call!

2. David is such a real character — flawed but also strong in his own way — and the supernatural aspect of his world so gritty. What can you cite as inspiration for him, or even for certain aspects of his story, without giving away from where his, er, problems are coming?

The world David inhabits is one I’ve explored in a few ways. My novels, RealmShift and MageSign, are set in the same world, or least a subtle variation of it. As is my third book, unrelated to the first two, which is currently unpublished. It’s probably fair to say that a lot of my short fiction is set there too, or in one of those variations, so I guess I’ve had time to realise it quite fully in my mind.

David himself is a gestalt entity, the melding of several inspirations. There’s no one person who informs the character of David, but I can think of a few people who have had an influence. And I expect there’s a bit of me in there too, but I suppose that’s true of all my characters. It’s hard to write a character completely divorced from myself as a writer. And, while David grew on the page as I told his story, he’s one of the most complete characters I’ve ever had – he appeared in my mind almost fully formed from the very start, which is unusual.

3. What’s coming up next for you and your fiction, and where can we keep track of it?

I’m currently looking for a publisher for my third novel and I have a few bits and pieces of short fiction due out soon. In the meantime, I’m working on a fourth book and I always have various short fiction projects on the go. And I’m working on a collborative novella with fellow Gryphonwood author, David Wood. You can keep up to date with everything at my website –

Thanks so much, Alan!


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