Miniview – Louise Bohmer

Our third summer miniview comes from Louise Bohmer, who is a real master of the disturbing, as  “Parlee Road” so clearly communicates…

1. How would you describe “Parlee Road” in one sentence, for those who’ve not seen it yet?
Hard choices and family secrets make grisly bedfellows. (Bwhahaha…)

2. Ha! I see what you did there. There’s this twining of death and nature in the story–and in a lot of your work, I think. Can you tell us about that as an inspiration, or where it comes from?
That’s such a cool question. Thanks! I think it’s because I can respect all aspects of nature. Little birds are cute, that red fox that streaks through your rural property is a joyous sight. But at the same time, that little red fox hunts mice and other small game to feed itself and its little fox family, and it tears the hapless mouse to shreds with its teeth. Not so cute anymore, is it? Or take the bear, which I admire the strength and power of but, at the same time, I sure don’t want to meet one while hiking forest trails. That power can tear you apart. That’s what I appreciate about nature. It can be tender, beautiful, even seemingly mercifully (or maybe that’s just me anthropomorphizing), but—kind of like what Lars von Trier said about nature in regards to Antichrist—it can also be ruthlessly cruel. Nature is objective about death, and I think I can appreciate that. It doesn’t play favourites. If the mouse runs out the hole at the wrong time, it’s fox food.

3. What’s up with your fiction in the near future, and where can we get our hands on it?
LB: I have some short stories in Old School, an anthology I had the pleasure to work on with Greg Hall and R Scott McCoy, which is now available from Belfire Press. Folks can also check out some of my short stories in Courting Morpheus, which is also available from Belfire Press, and I have some humorous stories appearing in Tabloid Terrors 3 from Skullvines Press – KHP.

Right now, I’m working on a dark humor dystopia I’m having fun with, and starting a steampunk romance collaboration with a dear friend of mine.

I’ll definitely be watching for that, Louise. Thanks for stopping by this summer! Haven’t seen the madness of “Parlee Road” yet? Give it a shot. You won’t be disappointed.


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2 responses to “Miniview – Louise Bohmer

  1. I really hope someone picks up the dark humour dystopia. I have to read that someday.

  2. Louise

    Thank you, Cate.:-) I’m having a blast with it so far. The characters popped in my head when I was having a nap one day, thumped my brain, and demanded I write them.

    Thanks again, Katey.:) I’ll blog this tomorrow, and I’m off to retweet it now.

    Take care, ladies! xox

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