Miniview – Cate Gardner

Cate Gardner finished our short story ToC this quarter with the lovely, poignant, slightly mad dreamscape of “Postcard Wings above Blackpool Sands”. It’s only natural then that we should begin her mini-interview on that subject!

1. How would you describe “Postcard Wings above Blackpool Sands” in one sentence?
The determination to keep reaching for and believing in your dreams and wishes even when the world itself is gone.

2. Your stories are always a trip into the beautiful and bizarre–what are you reading, seeing, or listening to that inspires such poetic prose?
Twitter. Okay, my true answer is going to seem almost as bizarre. I have a Groundhog day job. I swear I annoyed the Devil fifteen or so years ago and he trapped me in this reception bubble. Part of my job is to log documents and I like to read the weird and wonderful addresses and names from around the world. Just today I came upon the ordinary ‘Hatfield’ and realised I needed to write a story about a field of hats. Erm, hello… Are you still there? So erm, I’m inspired by ‘Bills of Lading’. Oh, that doesn’t sound right.

3. So, how about that new book of yours? What is it, where can we get it, and what’s next after that?
New book gives the impression I have an old book too. I like that, even if it’s not necessarily true. My short story collection ‘Strange Men in Pinstripe Suits’ is forthcoming this October (next month!) from Strange Publications and is available to pre-order now, and Hadley Rille are publishing my novella, ‘Theatre of Curious Acts’, next year.

Can’t wait to get hold of them, thank you, Cate! If you haven’t read Cate’s tale yet, click on over and see what you think. You’ll end up trying to get your hand on her two upcoming books, too. Here’s a pre-order link, for good measure.😉


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6 responses to “Miniview – Cate Gardner

  1. Bills of lading. I thought as much.🙂

  2. I’d like to add that ‘Strange Men in Pinstripe Suits’ has an awesome cover.

  3. Ian

    A field of hats, brimming with weirdness… can’t wait for that to go to my head.

  4. Thanks for the miniview, ladies!

    Hmm…Bills of Lading…is Lading in the north or south of England?

  5. Thanks for reading, everyone.

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