Dernier: The End

The final, climactic, terrifying episode of Samantha Lienhard’s The Book at Dernier went live this weekend. Have you checked it out yet? You can start at episode 5, if you’re that far along, or go back to the table of contents and see it all.

Thanks for coming along for Paul’s ride into the darkness. Check back in a week or two for more with Samantha, plus those schedule announcements from RPP management.

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One response to “Dernier: The End

  1. Eek, WebRoot claimed your post was reported as unsafe at: Hope all calms down – WebRoot notwithstanding – in your home hunt.

    Now that all The Book of Dernier episodes are up and running, I’ll be diving in. Yep, I hate waiting in suspense for next installments! Ignorance is bliss, indeed, and certainly improves one’s patience, at least regarding serial installments :-)

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